2024 Food Trends: From Fancy Robots to Frozen Comforts

2024 food trends. Alright, so people are throwing around predictions for what we’ll be munching on in 2024. Some sound like they’re from a different planet, but let’s break it down and see what might actually end up on our plates.

Side-eyeing Food Labels

According to Megan Stanton from Mintel Food & Drink, we’re all turning into label detectives. We’re cool with terms like “stone-ground” and “fermented,” but anything smelling of “junk” is getting the side-eye. Brace yourselves for products screaming their virtues on eco-friendly packaging. And hey, even if it’s loaded with fat, sugar, and salt, Mintel says brands should remind us why we love those guilty pleasures.

Chill on the Health HypeF

Gen Z isn’t falling for health gimmicks, especially the vague terms like “adaptogenics.” Brands, it’s time to dial back on selling us the dream that collagen-packed ice cream will make us fitness gurus. On the flip side, searches for “probiotic” are through the roof, and snacks catering to gut-friendly diets are having a moment. Stress from an impending recession and elections? Yeah, we’re reaching for the comfort food.

Self-Care, Luxury, and Krill Meat

Mintel thinks food brands should take a cue from the “menopausal revolution” and cater to Gen X, who are all about self-care. They might be down to try weird stuff like krill meat or sip on “sleep drinks” and chug calcium-packed milk powder. Meanwhile, Datassential sees luxury in Gen X’s future, predicting they’ll go for premium experiences, travel a bunch, and enjoy a good drink. For those flexing their wallets, picture $20 smoothies at Erewhon becoming the ultimate social media status symbol. And hold on tight for exclusive platforms like Dorsia offering high-status dining experiences.

Economic Chill: Frozen Comforts and Bargain Hunts

Let’s get real – the economy is messing with our food game. Skyrocketing delivery costs are making some of us rethink our orders, and TikTok is where we spill the tea. Restaurants and delivery spots need to pull out all the stops to get us back, maybe with bigger portions and more options to customize. Craft Media says frozen foods are the new go-to for saving some cash, with people bouncing between stores for the sweetest deals. Fancy cookies are the unexpected champs in the affordable luxury game, while fresh produce is taking a hit.

Robots in the Kitchen: Bots and Virtual Shopping

Get ready for kitchen buddies – robots. Thanks to Covid-19, we’re all about convenience. Imagine pizza vending machines, pre-made meals, and apps helping us whip up quick bites. Virtual grocery shopping and augmented reality might become the norm, with almost half of U.S. folks interested in strolling through virtual aisles. Italians are even up for using VR headsets to spice up their eating experience.

So, 2024 is serving up a mix of label skepticism, relaxed health vibes, self-care luxury, budget-friendly indulgence, and a splash of robotic kitchen help. Let’s see which of these predictions actually make it to our dinner tables!