Cafe Kitty: Where Soho’s Buzz Meets Unique Eats

So, imagine this: Cafe Kitty tucked away in Walker’s Court, right by the flashing lights of the Mood Sex Shop. It’s not Christmas magic, it’s just a quirky corner in London’s Soho. But hold up, it’s not about what’s outside. It’s all about what’s cooking inside this place.

Soho: Then and Now

You know Soho, right? It’s changed a lot. The old gang’s gone, those raffish characters with stories in their eyes and gin on their breath. But hey, it’s for the better. Less of the shady stuff, more of the cool bars, clubs, and eateries. Cafe Kitty sits in the Boulevard Theatre, a cool spot with history that’s been revamped for a new generation.

Cafe Kitty Vibes

Stepping into Cafe Kitty feels artsy yet comfy. Think deep blue seats, funky pink walls, and even a slightly beat-up piano. It’s a modern nod to vintage vibes.

Chow Down Goodness

Now, let’s talk food. They’ve got these crispy potatoes that are a hit. And their Caesar salad? It’s on par with the fancy ones at Hawksmoor. From deviled eggs to trout gravadlax and spicy “Very Welsh” rarebit, they’ve got your taste buds covered.

Sip and Savor

Grab one of their Bad Kitty cocktails—gin, sloe gin, elderflower, lemon, and cava. Fancy a sweet ending? Try the boozy knickerbocker glory or the pear and gingerbread mousse. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Soho’s Charm

When the lights twinkle in Soho, it’s like an invitation to dive into the vibe. Cafe Kitty fits right in. Whether you’re chilling with a cocktail or catching a show nearby, Soho’s got that buzz.

Giving Props to Good Causes

Let’s shout out to the Food Chain and Well Grounded—they’re doing some amazing work. The Food Chain supports people with HIV, relying on donations. Meanwhile, Well Grounded helps folks find work through barista training, focusing on diversity and inclusion.

Jazz Food and More

Oh, and if you’re into jazz and good eats, check out Sean Wilson’s “Jazz Food” book. It’s a cool mix of jazz legends, recipes, and good vibes.

Cafe Kitty? It’s not just a spot for grub; it’s a slice of Soho life. With its funky décor, great food, and that Soho buzz, it’s worth a visit when you’re in town.